A Hard Day

It’s been a hard day but a lot of things were accomplished before the rain started. The 7th bed is complete! It wasn’t easy but the last of the weeds were dug out, the amendments were added and turned in, the bed was shaped, and the entire thing was mulched. Bed 6 was shaped and mulched too. The path between beds 6  & 7 was covered with cardboard and then a thick layer of straw was piled over the cardboard. Straw was pulled up over the tiny beet and turnip seedlings to protect them from the rain. A few blades of grass were pulled from the peas (not to worry, it’s only winter rye) and a new compost pile was started. Whew!

Speaking of compost piles … here’s a picture of a completed pile. It was first layered with dried leaves, shredded newspaper, kitchen scraps, soil, and hay. The pile was just about to the top of the bin on one day and then the next day it had settled down to only half full, so more layers had to be added, over the course of several days, to finally get the thing full. The additional layers were dried leaves and green winter rye that had been removed from the planting beds. When the rye dies back this summer a layer of soil will be added to the top. Today I started a second compost pile with dried leaves and rye. So that’s two going for next year’s garden!

Some of the tiny plants that were potted up yesterday don’t seem to be doing so well today. I don’t believe the dill liked being moved one bit. Some of the sunflowers look a little shocked too. The tomatoes and marigolds seem fine but it’s really hard to tell how the rosemary is doing. I think I’ll go check the temperature in the tiny hoop house now.