Rain Stopped

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The rain finally stopped! It’s rained 3+ inches here since it started Friday night. The trench that was dug north to south through the middle of the field did it’s job. The rainwater ran down along the trench instead of over and through the planting beds. The first time there was a significant rain after digging the planting beds, the raised beds just flattened out and part of the soil had washed away. Digging the trench was a must if the planting beds were to become permanent. And now they are!

The plants in the tiny hoop house were checked this morning. It was a little dry in there so all the seedlings were watered. Most of them seem to be doing okay after their transplant. However, the dill and a few sunflowers look as if they’re in total shock, maybe even beyond recuperation. 

The tiny seedlings in the field will need  a little extra mulched pulled up over them tonight. The temperature is predicted to go below freezing.  Turnips and sugar peas should be okay but the newly emerging beets, the carrots, and the baby lettuce might not like it one bit.