Bad Bugs

Since writing my last post I’ve seen 4 more shield bugs – one large gray one, a large green one, and two slender brown ones. I’m concerned we’re gonna be eaten alive by them! The green one completely stripped a young crape myrtle bush of every single leaf. I know of absolutely no way to control them organically. I’ve read that they prefer cucurbits (squash, pumpkins, etc) but I’ve seen them on okra and now the crape myrtle. The squash and cucumber transplants that were set out on Monday are doing great. They’ve grown taller and have greened up considerably. Now to figure out how to keep the ‘squash bugs’ off them.

Our potato plants are being eaten by tiny little black and bronze flea beetles. I’ve never seen a flea beetle until this year. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a shield beetle until this year either, except for the good old ‘stink bug’ type. I suppose climate change has affected the insects. Oh, another thing I saw this spring that I’ve never seen here before are geese. An entire flock of them! First they were flying south, then a week or two later they were headed north again. Last time I saw them they were headed back south. I think I’ve even heard them in the neighbors pond. Strange.  

Today I set up another complete compost pile with dried leaves, grass clippings, torn newspaper, kitchen scraps, and an old potting soil/garden soil mix. That means we now have four compost piles cooking down! These will be added to the planting beds next spring when we get ready to start planting. I’d like to have about 10 more going but I can only set them up as the materials are available.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. There’s some mowing to do, the grass is to my knees. Hey, it’s been raining! I’m also going to start weeding what will soon be a permanent pole bean bed. I’ve got an ol’ timey rose bush that’s beginning to grow away from its trellis so I’ll be fighting that thing tomorrow too, and  maybe build a few more tomato cages. Wow! Sounds like I’d get myself out the door early tomorrow.