Cullman, Alabama Tornado Aftermath
Image by southerntabitha via Flickr

On April 27th a serious outbreak of deadly tornadoes ravaged a large part of the beautiful state of Alabama including our own county, Cullman. Here on the farm we suffered minor structural damage to our home, lost various outdoor structures, and received a few dings on the vehicles. Everyone survived without a scrape, even the animals. Some in our state were not so lucky as more than 260 are now reported dead with many more still missing. Pray for us.

The market garden is a total loss. Large pine and hardwood trees were tossed throughout the crops like small sticks. Planting beds are flattened. Cages, stakes, and trellises are broken or missing. Fence posts are broken or leaning and the fence is crushed. It appears that we will have no trips to the farmer’s market any time soon. However, depending on how quickly things are put back together and re-planted, we could still have a fall harvest of corn and pumpkins and maybe even some squash.

Of course our priority is repairing our home and outer structures that housed our animals. We’ll also be tackling a large drainage ditch that runs through the middle of our property (we call this our creek) that is now clogged with large hardwoods and root balls the size of our house. Clean up may take a very long time but we will prevail.