Beetle Problem

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Well, the potatoes are finally dug up with a yield of around 20#. They taste sooooo good! Their bed has already had cow manure dumped in, been turned, and had shoe peg corn planted in it. Most of the corn is already up and standing a mighty 1″ tall. I noticed that a tomato is starting to turn colors and one of the squash plants is full of blooms. It shouldn’t be too much longer before we’re eating fresh goodies around here. 

This year we’re having trouble with Mexican Bean Beetles. We began to notice round holes in the bean leaves – first bush green beans, then pole beans, and now field pea leaves. It seems the beetles have skipped over the lima beans for now. We’ve identified the beetle larva and adult and now that I think about it, I believe to have seen the eggs as well. The eggs are yellow and stuck from one end to the underside of the leaves. Up until this point simply pinching and smashing has been the only type of organic control needed to keep the insects at bay. But now, it’s time to pull out the big guns.

I’ve read that petunias repel Mexican Bean Beetles as well as several other garden pests. So, tomorrow I’ll be setting petunias all through the bean beds. It’s sometimes a little hard to find good smelling ol’ timey petunias. I guess the hunt is on.