Too Hot!

The heat index has reached 110°F every day for the past week and tomorrow it is expected to go higher! The heat has been extreme ever since the F.E.M.A. crew finished clearing up the tornado debris so I guess its needless to say that not a whole lot of clearing and cleaning has been going on outside. There are sticks, stumps, rock, trenches, and piles that need to be stacked up, level up, and/or filled up but it is just nearly impossible to get it done with the high heat! I guess it’ll still be there when the temps cool down a bit, but then so will the wild morning-glory. It’ll be grown in so thick that it will be too difficult to tell where to rake and which ‘stick’ is not really a snake, and forget mowing. It would really be best to get the soil cleaned up now but I don’t reckon passing out in the field from heat exhaustion would be good for anything. So, I’ll poke around out there for a few very early morning hours rake down piles of soil, throwing dislocated rocks into the ditch, stacking sticks, and dragging logs. I can only do what I can do. Right!?! 

 I have managed to keep the crops picked though! Pink eye purple hull peas, summer squash, okra, corn, tomatoes, and veggie soup have all been preserved very neatly in canning jars or freezer bags – just waiting to be devoured this winter, and I got all the onions cleaned up and stored away. I even picked figs from my aunt’s tree yesterday morning. I’ll be making jam with them tomorrow. Oh, I’ve collected radish seed too, and the yellowing cucumbers are just about ready to be harvested for seed collection. Tomorrow I’ll cover sunflowers with fine netting to keep the cardinals from eating them all up. I want to collect seed from them too. 

Well, I’ve got more field peas waiting to be shelled. I’m guessing there’s another canner full to be put away. I think I’ll get one more good picking from the purple hulls on Saturday and after that I plan to leave them to dry for seed collection. I’m eager to get started on next year’s garden. There are still many beds to be dug and an orchard to be laid out. But first, the high heat must go!

Oh, I deleted the To-Do page and put the list back in the sidebar; it just seems easier for me to keep up with there. I added a little and took off some. I organized it too. I just hope it helps :[