Dogs & Comfrey Root

Comfrey Flower

There was only one item on the to-do list for Saturday – pressure washing the house. But wouldn’t you know? It never got done! It never even got started! The temperature was below 50° farenheight that morning so there was no hurry to hook up the water hose. 

What did happen was just as important. Back in April, when the tornado came, the entire back yard was crushed by huge trees. The fence that goes around the dog’s yard was flattened. Another fence was constructed but a small area of the old pen remained as it was used to keep a not-so-friendly dog in until she learned better manners. Well, she has, so now the pen isn’t needed. 

Nuts and bolts were loosened and removed, chain link was taken down and rolled up, and gates were stored behind Hubby’s shed. All of the post were planted in 12″ of concrete and had to be dug out. It took the biggest part of the day but now it is all done. The fence is where it should be, the dogs are back in their own yard, and the cross-ties are lining the bottom of the fence to keep the digging hound from getting out. When the stepping-stones are all laid under the gate and the dog’s houses are painted, everything needing done for the dog’s will finally be done. 

Today, six comfrey roots were planted in a 5’x5′ bed. Once the plants reach 2′ high (hopefully by April), the comfrey leaves will be harvested to make a ‘tea’ for feeding the plants. To make comfrey tea the freshly harvested leaves will be placed in a container. A large rock will be placed on top of the leaves to hold them down, then the leaves will be covered with water and the container will be sealed. After about three weeks the comfrey juice will be mixed with water at a 4:1 ratio (four parts water: 1 part comfrey juice), strained if needed, then poured into a sprayer. On this farm, all crops will get a feeding of comfrey tea every other week throughout the growing season. Usually, comfrey leaves can be harvested 4-5 times each year. They are full of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that are readily released as the leaves decay.  

The to-do list for tomorrow is in the making. It is long and hard. The weather forecast calls for rain. Maybe it won’t be a wash-out. 



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  1. Hi! I found your blog doing a search in Bio-intensive market gardening… I was going to leave a comment on your compost post but you have the comments turned off. I have set my account to follow your blog! How interesting and I am looking forward to reading more…

    I don’t garden at the moment and depending on my circumstances I may never, but I would really like to in the future…

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