Another Week Ends

Today I finished cleaning beds #4 and 2. Whew! I was worried yesterday that I hadn’t done enough to get them done today. Now there are four beds that are ready for double digging next week (two are 5’x20′ and two are 5’x23′). There’s no particular reason the beds are these sizes; it just worked out that way. I know I can get them dug as long as the weather holds out.

I also got that old shed-barn caulked. Now all the thing needs is two more base boards at the bottom of the front doors, a little around inside door frame, and a good coat of exterior paint. I know Mr. Gardener is anxious to be finished because then I can move the rest of the garden stuff out of his tool shed.

The comfrey roots I set out last month have already grown leaves over six inches long! I had to weed the bed today because it seems as though the compost I put on it is sprouting some kind of grass seedlings. I’m guessing it’s just rye. 

There are still quite a few places left that are piled with sticks and other debris left behind after the trackhoe cleaned up our fallen trees. I raked up sticks and small logs that were lying around and tossed them into a burn pile. I cleaned up several wheel barrows full but there are still a lot more to pick up, but this goes on next week’s list.

Tomorrow I’ll mow the field for the last time this year. I ride around the outside of the fence line and then push mow along the inside of the fence line. I push mow along the paths between the planting beds too. I think I’ll put the bag on so that weed and grass seed won’t get tossed into the planting beds.  

Sometimes I feel like I just ramble on and on when I’m posting to this blog. I do like keeping track of the things we are doing here. We can look back and see just how far we’ve come. This blog is good motivation for us.