Waiting on Spring

So far this fall/winter, a lot of time has been spent just planning ~ planning crop varieties, field layout, planting schedules, marketing techniques, setting up a record keeping system, etc. So much planning that all we have to do is look at the calendar and react. However, the real work is just about to start.

Starting seeds indoors, preparing strawberry beds for their first planting, turning under clover growing in the potato beds, cleaning the dry ditch where the wild blackberries are growing, turning soggy compost piles and establishing new ones, collecting dried leaves that should have been collected two months ago, moving lilies and iris beds and setting up a new perennial herb bed, pruning the fig tree, setting out a few apple trees, cleaning up limbs left over from last spring’s tornado from two corners that were impossible to get to last summer, re-locate the bluebird houses and water bath, finish the tiny bridge, paint the shed, etc etc. Well, at least the seeds are ordered.

Even though this winter has held extremely mild temperatures, it still seems that we’ve been cooped up inside for way too long.  We are really eager to get back into the field, no matter how soggy, and get started on 2012’s garden. We are ready for spring.