Winter Cleaning

This week has been productive around here. No, we haven’t planted anything yet but a lot of winter clean-up has taken place. You already know about the blackberries. We also tackled neglected compost piles and even got a new one started. Now there are four piles cooking in the field, just waiting for the spring garden.

We had a couple of grape vines growing along a bank in a way that made it really hard to keep them cleaned and worked in the warm season. So the vines were cut down and plans for a new mini-orchard are in the making. We are considering muscadines instead.

A little more chainsawing and burning was done yesterday. There are a couple of places along the edge of the field that filled in rather quickly with weeds after the tornado so that the limbs and other junk were never picked up; that’s what we’re doing now. It’ll take a few more Saturdays to get it all done but I think the biggest part should be finished before spring.

All the iris’ are in one place now. There were several beds scattered all around the yard making it a little difficult to mow. But now they are all planted nicely into one easily accessible bed. There are many colors that have been collected from friends and loved ones over the years. It was important to keep them all.

Juniper was cut away from the side of the driveway. It, too, was in a place that made caring for it difficult. Weeds and grasses would grow up through the branches in the summer making the bed look too weedy. Now the area will be easy to mow.

An old medal head-board was set at the top of our storm pit so little ones couldn’t fall into the opening. In the spring time, we’ll broadcast hummingbird vine seeds all around it. The vine will cover the rail, making a nice area for hummingbird watching.

The one and only fig tree we have was pruned. Since the fig was just planted last March it has grown double in size and produced several new shoots. I call the thing a tree but here in northern Alabama the figs grow into large bushes instead.

The weather man is calling for rain nearly every day next week. It would be nice to get more limbs and weeds cleaned up, but if it rains too much we’ll just stay inside and get to work on last year’s taxes.

dangerous storm pit
frozen comfrey
neglected compost piles
messy strawberry beds
vacant bird house