What Rain?

It rained all day. On and off, over and over. There is  just too many things to get done to let gloomy ol’ rain keep us down. So out came the rain gear and straw hats and out went the farmers. We were constantly running for cover. The garden shed makes a pretty cozy cover in a sudden down pour.

One advantage to gardening in raised beds is that they tend to dry out quicker than the soil around them ~ usually. Not today though. However, it was real easy to pull the rouge weeds and creepy grass out.  The leftover dried plants from last fall were cut at ground level and put in the compost pile as a fantastic carbon addition.  The 2′ wide paths between the strawberry beds were de-weeded too. We need two days of sunshine, and then on the third day we should be able to spread fertilizer on these beds and get them turned and shaped.

There’s nothing as invigorating as being outside elbow-deep in the earth, or ankle-deep, or knee-deep, etc. We hoped to get pictures posted of what was happening today but once we got to the field we discovered the battery pack was low. There was no time to waste waiting on the thing to charge. So, maybe next time. It’s inspiring to browse the pictures and see all the changes made around here with the work we’re doing and the seasons.

Oh, the lettuce transplants are up! They popped up really fast because they were only planted on Monday. No complaints here, though.



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