I finished the corn beds and have now started prepping the areas for the rabbiteye blueberry bushes. North Alabama Nursery sells the varieties we need at a very good prices. We’ll set out ten bushes next month, ten more in the spring, and then ten again next fall; this way we can spread the cost out over a period of time rather than coming up with so much money at once. All the plantings will still be within one year from start to finish. It’ll work great for us.

Today, if the wind isn’t whipping, we’ll begin to burn debris piles. We still have several of them scattered all around the field, full of stuff left from the 2011 tornado. One of the piles is rather large and still sets within the fence line of the garden area. I can’t wait to see this one gone because then the entire area planned for production will be cleared ~ finally. We began clearing this field in July 2010, and without any heavy equipment of our own I am very proud to say, “The clearing is almost finished.”