Thinking Ahead

Well, the seed catalogs are pouring in and the holiday season is nearly over. Our planning for next year’s garden will soon take on a more serious tone, and we’ll finally finish cleaning away last year’s mess. We’ll lay cardboard along paths in between the tomato beds and spread more straw over the strawberry and garlic beds. We’ll pull brambles from the edges of the ditch and throw a little more stuff on top of the compost pile. We’ll burn more debris (seems there’s always something needing burning) and we’ll clean out the garden shed and see what needs replacing. We still need wrap a few outdoor faucets because February is usually our coldest month. Some folks think gardening start in April but around here its January 1st. I can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “Thinking Ahead

  1. Hi Kelly Im Amanda and I am from marion county al. We bought some property up near Haleyville and I have been looking for connections to people who has chickens and stuff.We’ll be there in March.

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