We planted six each of Climax and TifBlue rabbiteye blueberry bushes yesterday. Rabbiteye blueberries are perfect for our hot, humid Alabama summers. Both the TifBlue and Climax should produce in the 3rd year of growth but they aren’t fully grown for about ten years.

To plant the blueberries we first layed out a tape measure along the middle of a raised 3’x50′ bed then, beginning 3′ from one end, placed a marker every 41/2 feet; this is where the plants will go. The holes were dug twice as deep as the root mass and twice as big around. I dumped six cups of OMRI peat moss into each hole, added water, then tossed in a few handfuls of soil. Everything was tamped down.

Each plant was set just as deep as it was originally growing (just look for the soil line at the bottom of the lead stem). I mulched with pine bark we got from a neighbor who just had pine tree stumps grinded. Then, last we covered the base of the plants well with a very thick layer of pine needles. That’s it. Easy as pie. 🙂

Blueberries prefer a soil pH of 4.2-5.0, hence the reason for so much peat and pine. Our plants were bare root. About 1/3 of each plant was trimmed away after planting to encourage root growth.


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  1. The cold won’t hurt the plants. Blueberrie’s are a deciduous shrub meaning their leaves drop off and they go dormant in the winter. The cold won’t hurt them. This is actually the time of year recommended by the County Extensions Office to set out blueberry bushes in Alabama. Plus we’ve got them mulched pretty heavy with pine straw.

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