Planting Has Begun

Yesterday the sugar snap peas and yellow storage onions were planted and the radish seed were broadcast. Transplants were watered and given a good dose of comfrey tea. Lettuce seedling have begun to be hardened off. Wheat straw that had been piled on top of the strawberry plants for winter mulch was pulled back.

The field has received so much rain this winter that a few of the strawberry plants have actually rotted. There is a lot of wheat growing right up along side the strawberries. It would be nice to let the wheat grow but the strawberry plants need room to spread, so as soon as the ground dries a little we’ll be pulling it up.

Plans for this week (after the rain stops tomorrow morning) include planting potatoes, weeding the garlic, and pulling wheat out of the strawberry beds. All before the weekend when its suppose to be raining again.


One thought on “Planting Has Begun

  1. Awesome! I am waiting until 6 weeks before our last expected frost. So around March 17th is when I will start. That is not far off!

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