Garden Beds

raised beds
double-dug raised planting beds

Yesterday was spent mowing, pulling wheat from the strawberry beds, cleaning and shaping a few more beds, and feeding existing plants with comfrey tea. There are still two more 5’x5′ beds and one 3’x50′ bed to be cleaned and then all beds will be ready for planting. Hooray!

clover & blueberries
crimson clover & young blueberry bushes

Blueberry bushes were planted in February and are just putting on new leaves. Crimson clover was planted last October to add nitrogen to the soil for a late summer planting of sweet corn. Once the clover dries and dies back, the corn will be planted straight into it.

Winter rye grass was planted between rows and just received its first mowing. The rye grass deters weed growth and prevents soil erosion. It will be mowed at least once more before it stops growing in summer’s heat.

strawberry plants
strawberry plants are coming along