Getting Started

Wow! Time just keeps on clicking by. It’s hard to believe that seed buying time is here again. The catalogs started rolling in about two weeks ago. It doesn’t look as if we’ll need to buy a lot this year, there’s still plenty left over from prior years. I think most will be viable.

We’ve spent time this month working on a lean-to type addition to the garden shed. The original plan was to build a lean-to greenhouse but the more into it we get, the more we realize how nice it will be to park the tiller, mower, wheel barrow, and five gallon buckets somewhere other than inside the shed.

We framed it from lumber that use to be my sister’s back deck. Now we’re working on taking down a long forgotten tree house who’s lumber will be used to finish the thing. So far the only expense we have is a box of nails. The birdhouse was built by our grandson last year; it has a special place. I thinks we’ll have enough lumber to finish the shed and build a bridge across the drainage ditch that runs north-to-south through the field. Yay!




2 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. I know! Isn’t it just amazing how time flies! I too still have good seed and doubt I need to purchase more.

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