Flea Market Visit

We don’t really have a huge amount of time for posting these days, and I suspect the time will even get to be less and less as the summer progresses. What we plan to do is a quick update each week (probably Sundays) of our farm and our market activities.

Yesterday we visited the flea market, Lacon Trade Day, where we plan to sell from our farm stand each Saturday beginning as soon as the blue berries are ready for picking. When we arrived at 7am the place was already bustling with activity. There was a little chaos as vendors drove around looking for that perfect ‘spot’, but many other vendors were already set up and selling as some had been there since 4am! WHAT!? We plan to be set up by 6am and that is early enough for us.

There was some vendors there selling vegetable and herb plants, but I didn’t see many folks buying those just yet. There were other vendors selling produce not necessarily grown by themselves but apparently grocery store refuse or something of the such. YUK! There were still other vendors will all kinds of “stuff”, even a kitchen sink ~ literally.

Now we suspect the vendors who sold live plants yesterday are the ones who will be back shortly with fresh produce and there really wasn’t that many of them, but others may still show up. We may be the only farm vendor there accepting ebt/debit, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and SNAP food stamp cards as we didn’t see any other vendor of any kind advertising their acceptance.  We think we’ve chosen the perfect place for our first true year at market. We are looking forward to a great year 🙂


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