Tomato Stakes

We had hoped to get tomato plants in the ground yesterday, but unfortunately the rain just hasn’t stopped long enough for the garden to dry out. Our soil is clay. Clay soil can absolutely not be worked when wet or else it turns to cement. So we cut bamboo instead.

Bamboo isn’t native to our region. Some 100 years ago or so folks decided they liked it so they planted it. Now it’s just an invasive ‘weed’, but it does dry hard and makes great cane poles and vegetable stakes. We’ll be using them for staking our tomato plants.

Roy used the skill saw to cut the bamboo down which worked out great (they are tough!). Some of the plants were at least 30 feet tall. We cut our stakes to about seven feet in length then trimmed away the branches with snips and machetes. The skill saw made it possible to cut angles which will help to drive the stakes into the ground. We cut about 160 stakes yesterday and plan to go back for 50 more next weekend. Now if the rain would just let up for about a week … 🙂


One thought on “Tomato Stakes

  1. Really hope you catch a break from the rain. Especially since I typically get your weather a few hours after it hits you. Here in Chattanooga we are already 3 inches over an average April rainfall amount.

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