It Finally Rained

This past week was a very busy one. We had to water everything as it hadn’t rained in about three weeks and this was the time we were trying hard to get seedlings to germinate and transplants past their ‘shock phase.’ And since we haven’t installed a watering system yet, all watering was done by hand – with a bucket and a hose. Luckily, the rain fell Friday and a little is expected each day all the way through Monday or Tuesday. Whew! Not only does it provide a break for us, but the rain benefits our young garden much more than any city water supply ever can as it also provides carbon and nitrogen. Anyway, we expect everything will have grown at least a foot and a half by the time we can get back into the garden.

So far this season the only pests seen in the garden were a few tiny aphids on one tomato plant, but then a few plants down there sat some beneficial ladybugs that will eventually take care of those old pesty aphids for us, so know worries here. Other beneficials we’ve seen are bees and wasps. A couple of lightning bugs were hanging out on a tomato plant. We’re not sure of their benefit but don’t believe lighting bugs are harmful. If you know of a benefit lighting bugs (some folks may know them as fireflies) are to the garden, please email and let us know.

Plans are to take it easy for the next few days and just save or energy while nature does its thing because we know that when the rain ends and the sun pops out it’ll be time to get back to the grind.







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