Another Busy Week

This has been a busy week. On Monday I raked up three pickup-loads of pine straw from underneath my brother’s pine trees; this straw is for mulching the blueberry bushes. We have three rows of rabbit-eye blueberries with eleven bushes per row and now each row has a nice, fresh layer of mulch that’s about a foot deep. These bushes shouldn’t need any more mulch this season. Blueberries are easy to care for.

On Tuesday I painted a fresh coat of Barn Red on our old shed. The shed was given to us about five years ago and was structurally sound but needed a roof and a fresh coat of paint. We got the roof on right away but not the paint. Then, about three years ago we re-purposed our son’s old tree house into a lean-to that was added to the side of the shed for parking mowers and such. When we added the addition we decided to paint the entire thing the same color. It has taken a while, but I really like the result. The Rosemary bush got pruned too.

On Wednesday the onions and sugar peas needed weeding so I pulled out the 12″ cultivator and got it done pretty fast. The wash station (for tools and such) was set up. The new composting area was laid out.

On Thursday it rained ~ all day.

On Friday, me and our eldest grandson, Chase, made a trip to Lowe’s and bought super long nails for building a tool rack. We cleaned up the lean-to and nailed up a couple of boards along one wall and then drove in a few more nail. Now we have a nice dedicated “rack” for hanging cleaned garden tools. I love it! Chase and I also thought it was a good day to experiment with ant beds and cornmeal. We heard that if you sprinkle the beds with cornmeal the ants will eat the meal and then explode, so we sprinkled the beds. Guess what? No explosion. The ants aren’t even touching the cornmeal. So now we are in search of an organic means of ant elimination. We saw our first potato plant poking through the soil today. We picked a few turnips, yes we still have them, and ate raw turnips for a late morning snack. It was a very good day.

On Saturday, Roy and I put up new trellis along the poles in two beds that are now permanent pole bean beds. Well, I call them pole bean beds but they are two beds that can be used to grow anything needing trellising. Our plans are to grow pole beans, sugar peas, or cucumbers on them. We’ll have eight trellised beds once it’s all said and done. Roy also set the poles for the new composting area that was laid out on Wednesday. This new area is down field close to the wash station and is now permanent. Saturday’s work continued as we cleared brush from along our small creek and mowed. It was a long day.

Of course everyday is spent watering and tending the growing crops (sugar snap peas, onions, and potatoes) and those still growing in the tiny greenhouse (sweet bell peppers, many varieties of tomatoes, eggplant, and sweet basil). April 15th is our last expected frost date, so planting time is just around the corner.



2 thoughts on “Another Busy Week

  1. Don’t worry about your rye…we’ll wait! Sooo glad that we can buy local produce that hasn’t been sprayed or fertilized with toxins. I’ll be your best customer!

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