Under Control

On April 22nd we finally set up our very first farmstand. The Hanceville Farmers Market is a new market only starting this year, the 22nd was the very first day and we were part of it. Woo Hoo! We had a great time but didn’t have any produce ready to sell due to that blasted rye. We did sell a few plants (eggplant, sweet basil, tomato, and sweet bell) and met a lot of very nice people who were really excited about having a local market and a place to purchase chemical-free food. We look forward to getting started regulary once crops start producing.

Speaking of rye … we did finally get that relentless stuff under control. Since last posting about it, the rye has been tilled under twice. We finally just laid out beds (30″x 40′) and started planting. Now growing in the rye’s place are three different varieties of green beans, field peas, summer squash, cucumber, zuchinni, lots of heirloom tomatoes, sweet basil, sweet bell peppers, sweet corn, sunflowers, and lots of wild flowers. We should be turning potatoes really soon and the onions are swelling. The blueberries are looking pretty good, too.


2 thoughts on “Under Control

  1. Your garden looks great. Best wishes for an abundant harvest! Glad you’ve found a market you like. We went to our first market of the year yesterday. Unfortunately it poured rain the whole time. Our main market opens this Saturday. What a great time of year for homegrown food.

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