Summer Grass

We’ve been really busy in the field lately. We’ve put up permanent trellis systems and hangers. We’ve been adding some irrigation lines. We’ve been planning a small pasture and thinking about goats. But mostly I’d say we’ve been digging out grass. Many of our planting beds are on new ground this year, and the warm season grasses really are growing in fast.

Other than an initial deep roto-till, we do all cultivation in our planting beds by hand. This means that on a daily basis we are digging, watering, and weeding. Actually, the winter rye eliminated most of the weeds (except for that bothersome wild morning glory) so mainly were “weeding” out grass – horrendous grass. The winter rye did nothing to stunt the growth of that stuff.

The summer crops have really taken off. There are blooms on the tomatoes, eggplant, sweet pepper, and cucumbers and the pole beans are starting to run. Woo, Hoo! All of these vegetables are heirloom so we feel they are moving along pretty fast. We’ll dig red potatoes soon and yellow onions are swelling nicely.





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