More about Blueberries

Back in September we posted about a problem we had encountered with the blueberry bushes and how we planned to remedy the situation. Here is a link to that post. Back in January, while they were dormant, we pruned back the tops of each blueberry bush to discourage height growth and encourage bushy-ness. Now that spring is here there is a little more we do.

Every March we pull up the winter weeds that have come up through the mulch then apply a generous amount (about a handful) of cottonseed meal around the base of each plant. We also sprinkled around crushed cayenne pepper to, hopefully, ward off pests. Then we lay down soaker hoses and cover everything with a new, very thick layer of pine straw mulch. Other that watering when very ‘droughty,’ we’ll do nothing more to the bushes until next spring except pick and enjoy unless, of course, we encounter another situation with insects.

Our mild winter and early spring temperatures have caused several of our blueberry bushes to bloom about one month earlier that usual. That’s all good and everything except for the fact that the weather guy is calling for overnight temps to dip down into the mid to lower 20’s. If there’s a breeze we should be okay. We’ll hope for the best.




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