Looking out the window I see – rain. Lord knows we need it and I am very thankful for it, but this much rain sure does make it hard to work the gardens. The weeds and grass have just about takes over the paths and the carpetweed is multiplying like something wild in the beds. All this wetness should prove to be perfect for the blueberries, though, as we were beginning to see what we believe to be the latent effects of drought. So, no complaints about the rain here! We’ll deal with weeds and grass as we can. We own knee pads. 🙂

I’m hoping to get another planting of bush beans and cucumber out this week and transplant a few large red cherry tomatoes. This will be our fourth planting of bush beans and our third planting of cucumber. One big thing I’ve had to put a lot of learning into is succession planting. Last year I made a huge mistake and planted everything at one time, early, then had nothing while waiting for the next harvest. But this year I’ve written a more detailed cropping plan that includes many smaller plantings that should keep the tables full all summer and well into the fall. This will only be our second year as true market gardeners and I think we are on the right path.

Another thing I’m currently putting a lot of learning into is companion plantings and crop rotations. Since we are very small and we don’t spray pesticides, working to learn which plants benefits one another and which attract good insects and repel others is time very well spent. Seasonal changes bring different pests, different weather, different marketing condition, and different weed pressures that make our tiny market garden feel like a never-ending science experiment. There is always so much to do.




3 thoughts on “never-ending

  1. So true, always so much to do. We’ve been swamped in rain this year too. It’s great for the stuff already planted and will pay dividends down the road, but has kept us from getting started on late-summer planting. Still, as you say, better than drought.

  2. Can’t wait to meet you and buy some produce! It’s my sincere wish that one day, we no longer have to make a Whole Foods run.

    We have family flying in this Saturday and flying out the next Saturday, but we’ll make it to the H’ville farmers market as soon as we can!

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