Still Going

It’s been a terribly long time since our last post. I have no excuse. Time just evades me. The tiny market garden is still pushing forward. We are finally to a point of very minimal till, and that is only to stir in amendments and bust up surface for good seed bed. We are definitely NOT doing any deep tilling. This is the first year that all 41 beds are worked with a broadfork (really 44 beds if you count both sides of the trellis systems as I do).

We finally have electricity to the field and the CoolBot was just delivered today. Yay! Won’t be long now before we’re packing our tiny 4’x8′ cooler with lots of freshly harvested goodies – still need to line the walls, though, but it’s happening! We have everything to install the well pump, except for time of course, of which there is never enough, so we’re still dragging a hundred pound water hose around the field – but at least we can, right? Meanwhile, the pile of well pump “stuff” is here on the kitchen table just … piled.

Crop planning and scheduling is still something we are learning. What to grow, when to grow, and how to get it done. Whew! Not at all like planting your own garden. We’re trying to grow enough for two markets this year, one day a week at each. It’s do-able, but it’s tough on only 4,920 square feet (which is all we have in vegetable production). Humping it! All the time. Which explains the reason it’s been a terribly long time since posting last.


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