Busy Days

I promised myself that I would use this blog to keep accurate records of daily activities that take place in and around the gardens. Well, I find myself without enough time in the day to complete my duties, and forget about time to sit and blog. It is very important to keep accurate account of all activities in a market garden if only to determine what’s worth growing and what’s not. So, I promise myself ~ again ~ to make blogging a priority.

Even though I haven’t blogged, I am in the gardens daily. Weeding and watering are a daily chore that can not be put off or overlooked. In one day the grass can grow a foot, especially after a good rain, and a young seedling can dry slap up without moisture. So this is done daily.

This past Saturday we harvested our first vegetables, cucumbers and zucchini. Another string was added to the Tommy Toe tomato stakes and the branches that were poking through their cages were put back in place. The branches were removed from the bottom to keep the plant off the ground. Blueberries and the recently planted summer squash bed were watered. The squash germinated in only three days. The sweet bell pepper and eggplant beds were weeded. Daughter got married today, too.

Sunday was an off day and time was spent organizing market materials and playing with the dogs.

Monday I saw my first Japanese Beetle, it was on a tomato plant. I actually saw three that day, all on tomatoes, and squished each one. I haven’t seen any before nor have I seen any since. Two trays were seeded with fall cabbage and the sweet banana seedlings are beginning to germinate.  Another string was added to the heirloom tomatoes but not the yellow tomatoes. Now that the vegetable plants are maturing, it’s just about impossible to hoe so all weeding in the beds is on hands-and-knees. This weeding took place anywhere it was needed which is just about everywhere now that summer grasses are starting to grow. I harvested the first blueberries which is at least 2-3 weeks earlier that last year.

On Tuesday I hands-and-knees weeded okra beds, the field peas, bush beans, pole beans, and one wild flower bed. The heirloom and yellow (which are actually heirloom too) tomatoes were suckered and the paths tilled. I use the tiny cultivator to till up weeds in the paths but some of the plants have grown to a size that I can’t get the tiny tiller in the paths so these paths are hoed. I hoed paths between squash, corn, zucchini, okra and beans and  I tilled paths between squash, cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, eggplant, and wild flowers. I had a lunch of fresh blueberries. I am still able to hoe around newly planted stuff like the yellow squash, so I did. We trellis our cucumbers so the vines are constantly having to be trained as are some of the pole bean vines that seem a little reluctant to attach. There a lot of ladybugs in the tomatoes. Oh, while on my hands and knees in the okra I saw our first green beans.

Wednesday is today. On Wednesdays I try to catch up on a little desk/planning time while I sit with my ailing father who is suffering from the late stages of COPD and Alzheimer’s disease. I still promise myself to record daily all farm and home activities in this blog … starting tomorrow 😉