Thursday 6/9

Well, I missed another day of recording daily activities. The days are super long and the schedule is packed so by the end of the day I am pooped. Anyway, it’s 6:18am and I should be outside picking blueberries to get ready for tomorrow (it will be our first official day to sell produce from our farm stand at the local farmer’s market) but instead I’m taking a few minute to record yesterday’s field activities.

Yesterday (Thursday) … water was applied to blueberries and sweet peppers via soaker hoses. Beds 43-48 received over-head watering. The corn, yellow squash, and hot peppers were hands & knees weeded. I found one corn earworm crawling along the ground, noticed a few webs at the base of some stalks, saw one moth, and one Japanese Beetle. All pests were eradicated (squished) and the webs removed. Summer squash looked great. A lot of bees. No concerns. The zucchini was watered. Found one clutch of squash bug eggs and removed it. No concerns. Over head water was applied to beans and okra and all are looking good. Did squish a few bean beetles but found no damage to plants, they are very healthy this year with a lot of bumble bees and butterflies. Noticed Tommy Toes starting to lighten up. I am still uncertain about the “suckering” of the indeterminate tomatoes and sun scald is now a concern. I’m thinking cages next year. Cucumbers were watered and weeded and are looking very good. The newest squash bed (#33) was watered. The tiny cultivator was run in paths between beds 22&23 and beds 43-48. The field was mowed and a small area of fence line was used for testing the new herbicide mix (water, rock salt, and dish liquid). Cabbage seedling have germinated and are doing well on the small rack under the Maple tree. Sweet Banana seedling coming along well, too. Also found one Colorado Potato Beetle on an eggplant but noted no additional damage (only what the flea beetles did earlier). All is well. No concerns to note. Camera battery low so no pics. Off to get ready for market.