The weather was very warm this mid-January weekend so we were able to spend some time in the field cleaning the old storage shed that is slotted to become a new cold-storage room and we got some humungous brush piles burned off.

You all know we are still in the very early stages of developing our tiny market garden. We have decided that for the 2017 year we will focus most of our time and energy on building our farm’s infrastructure. We still need to install a well pump, get the well house built, and put in irrigation lines; we need to complete the cold storage area by insulating the building, putting up walls, building a door, and wiring; we need to have electricity run to the property and get the meter installed; and we still need to build those gates. You can tell from looking at the picture of the shed that there is a LOT of work to do. Also, the bucket with the rock on top of it in the bottom left of the first image is the well we just had dug last summer; it needs a LOT, too.

We are currently planning our crops and know we will have blueberries, tomatoes, and cucumbers for sure. Plans for anything more are still being hashed out. With both of us working full-time jobs off the farm, we know this will be a very busy season. We look forward to the rush.

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