Cocozelle Zucchini

We searched and re-searched zucchini varieties before finally settling on the heirloom, Cocozelle. We had never heard of this variety before but decided to plant it after learning it was supposed to produce for the entire season and the thought of only planting once was very enticing to us. So we planted Cocozelle zucchini in the hopes that all we’d learned would prove to be true.

Well, it’s true. Cocozelle are VERY prolific. The fruit grow very fast and can become an easy 18″ overnight! No kidding! That’s okay, too, because the fruit are not seedy. They are somewhat “spongy” and moist. The taste is very sweet. They are most delicious when steamed. Yum!

The plants prefer a moderately moist soil but seem to tolerate dry spells pretty well. The humidity doesn’t bother them and we haven’t had any problems with pests. The plants are dense and have the same growth habit as summer squash. We will definitely be planting this zucchini again.

Cocozelle Zucchini



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